About the Refugee Research Blog

The Refugee Research Blog provides a platform for academic and non-academic research and comment on issues surrounding people seeking asylum and refugees.

While our contributors’ fields of interests converge, their knowledge, experience and perspectives vary. We believe it’s vitally important for knowledge sharing across the entire sector and disciplines throughout Australia and beyond to better inform and empower people seeking asylum and refugees, and their advocates.

The blog was previously hosted by Researchers for Asylum Seekers, an interdisciplinary organisation based at the University of Melbourne.

Now, the blog exists as an independent website, and is edited by Tom Whitford. and Mark Rainey.

The primary audience is people working with people seeking asylum and refugee issues in academia, the non-government sector, the wider sector community, and the various levels of government, as well as advocates of people seeking asylum and refugees, consultants, and, importantly, the general public.

Like our contributors, our readers are researchers, analysts, policymakers, advocates, public servants, practitioners, consultants and students. Uninvited blog posts are welcome, though publication is not guaranteed, and revisions may be requested. Click ‘Contribute’ in the menu to get involved.